"Stop laughing. This isn’t some gum shoe show."

- Stino, Marty's best friend and crime-solving partner

"Well, Marty, I feel like there’s some romantic tension between us."

- Brad, the Sheriff of New York City

"You let him choke and die to death!"

- Marty Stanbaugh, Student, Detective, Daughter, and Friend

Hi, and welcome to the official Gumshoe Show website, an internet bloog where those bald enough to venture into the in-ee-fec-TU-ital realm of technology can learn more about the places and people that inspired and conspired the newest and best fictional podcast on the market, according to the monthly Pigeon Perfect newsletter distributed by the nation's premiere pigeon mailing service. 


Deconstructed Detective was the brain child of Allison O'Donnell, written as a 5-minute production for a performing arts competition judged by college professors who are paid too much. Cameron Strittmatter asked Alli to write a full season and the rest––along with the Drug Lordess Mary Jane––is history. 


A group of good college students slash good friends got together to make this ish happen, and they couldn't be more pleased with the result of hours of laughter and tomfoolery. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it!


Today's listening suggestion is: Listen to our podcast (and share it with your estranged father slash arch-nemesis). 


P.S. Marty doesn't believe in social media. She also doesn't know this website exists. Don't tell her. Just follow and like us. There is a gap in the blowg market due to the untimely murder of the very popular food blogger, Lo Mang. 



The Gumshoe Show

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