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"Stop laughing. This isn’t some gum shoe show."

- Stino, Marty's best friend and crime-solving partner

"Well, Marty, I feel like there’s some romantic tension between us."

- Brad, the Sheriff of New York City

"They'll sing you sweetly to your death. They'll sing you sweetly to your death."

- Molly Ayer, Host of Bedlam Starries

The Gumshoe Show is an independent podcast label offering freelance audio editing, production, and writing services.


In 2018, we released our first podcast, Deconstructed Detective. This fifteen member cast and crew, whirlwind of a show is a stark contrast to our second, one-woman production, Bedlam Starries, which debuted a year later and is known for putting unsuspecting commuters to sleep.


If you are just starting your own podcast or are curious about how we make our stories, check out our “Bloog” page. From personal experience, we know the tech world can be intimidating and full of indecipherable acronyms. We hope our blog can help.

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Founder and Writer

Meet Alli O'Donnell! She is in charge of this whole operation. From writing, to website-making, to directing and production, to literally ironing patches onto hats, she's been involved in every step! Since beginning this label in 2016, she's been very busy. Most notably with her singer/songwriter project. Some of her favorite things include rereading her favorite books (A Room with a ViewA Brave New World, and The Brothers Karamazov to name a few), biking around NYC, busking in parks, and spending one-on-one time with good friends. Read her blog posts about podcast production under the "Bloog" tab above! 

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