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Like I said, Cameron preferred to work on Premiere Pro, but I had only ever worked on Mac’s GarageBand as a little high school dork running around computer class.

In our scramble to get work done quickly on Deconstructed Detective, I volunteered to cut episodes to make Cameron’s work easier. Of course, I did this on GarageBand because: stick with what you know, and all new things are evil.

So we had this workflow issue from the beginning, and it has always been a pain. Also, we knew at the time that it was crazy for us to be editing a podcast on a video editing platform, but hey, The Gumshoe Show plays hard.

Yesterday, I decided it was time to crack open an old project, blow off the dust, and make it presentable for the general public (just in time for The Gumshoe Show's second anniversary!). Yep, you guessed it—our DD companion show, In Other News! Guys, voice actors Charlie Freeman and Mary Losiak are hilarious in this thing. But before I can produce it to show everyone why I’m laughing so much in post-production, I have to figure out how to get audio only out of Premiere Pro and into my brand new DAWS, Logic Pro X (bet you’re wondering why I didn’t say GarageBand—well, that’s a different bloog post).

What I found out from fifteen minutes of fiddling before succumbing to a short YouTube video is that it is 1,000 times easier than I was making it. Originally, I went to File in the toolbar, went down to Export, and then tried to export an AAF, which I later googled and found out stands for Advanced Authoring Format.

I still don’t know what the eff that means. All I know is that I did it twice. The first time, my computer said it couldn’t complete the action.

The second time, when the AAF Export Settings window popped up, I clicked Trim Audio Files in the render section, and I got a million little audio clips… that might be helpful in the future, but it was most definitely not helpful this go around.

Now that you know the wrong way to do it, I’ll tell you the right way. Click File, then Export, then Media. When your Export Settings window pops up on your screen, go to Format… and then you can click whatever audio format you so desire: MP3, waveform (acronym WAV), etc. (**Note that AFF is not an option… seriously, if anyone knows anything about AFF please comment below for the rest of us)

I choose to export as WAV because I heard somewhere that that’s the biggest, juiciest, rawest exported audio file you can have. Maybe I should research that some more and tell you guys what I find out.

So I extracted my Premiere Pro audio and imported it into my Logic Pro X DAWS, and I’ve been happily editing In Other News since.


xoxo Alli

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