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Mission Statement: I promise to be as nerdy as possible as I present to you the newest and hottest audio tech facts... that I’ll be learning along with you as a self-taught audio shaman. JK lol. Here we go.

This journey has been twisty at best. It begins with me trimming on Garageband and then exporting into Premiere Pro for my co-producer, Cameron Strittmatter of Failure Island, to edit there (he is a video guy, so that made the most sense to him). The result was the first five episodes of Deconstructed Detective (woohoo) which turned out great!

After that first blissful summer of copious amounts of free time, real life hit, and it became more and more difficult to achieve our recording and editing goals. Most of our voice actors were in school or had full time jobs. Cameron had a full-time job and was starting his own production company. I worked a part-time job and nothing—absolutely nothing. I was the only one with time to write and dream big.

I kept churning out scripts, but post-production was a longer process than pre-production. I didn’t fully understand this until turning The Gumshoe Show’s second release—Bedlam Starries—into a one-(wo)man show.

Now that I’m almost a full year into doing Bedlam Starries all on my lonesome, I thought it’d be fun to set up a little bloog (DD joke) chronicling all the embarrassing things I’m learning on the dirty frontlines of audio production. Cause I can’t be the only one who doesn’t know dumb little things like how to export audio only from Premiere Pro. Right—right?

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